device can't find each other across different local subnet

My home has two subnets: which my laptop located with a static local IP address and is where my phone is.

How to configure my syncthing so syncthing on my phone can find the syncthing on my laptop?

There are a couple posting on this topic in this forum, but it is not clear to me where to put the information.

Thanks in advance

I assume that you want the two to connect without depending either on global discovery or relaying? Because normally Syncthing is supposed to connect just fine even if the devices are located in completely different networks.

As phone has been mentioned, which I’m assuming is Android, please keep in mind that local discovery is broken in newer version of the OS. You need to have at least global discovery or relaying enabled for it to connect (unless you hard-code the IP addresses or hostnames).

I probably will eventually set up a relay locally.

I prefer to operate everything independent of the Internet, thus Global discovery is something I prefer not to rely on.

But for now, I would like to just hard code the IP address.

Here is the part I don’t get:
Where to hard code the IP address? IP address of what?

Thanks in advance

You need to hard-code IP addresses of the remote devices. This can be done in the “Edit Device” pop-up for each device separately. The default is dynamic. There’s a tip right next to it on how to include specific IP addresses, and if it’s still unclear, please check the Docs as all the information should be present there in detail as well.

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