Device Auto Accept

I have a feature request for an automatic connection of devices. Of course there is the introducer option, but its function is slightly different.

Within a LAN, under “Add Device”, I get all the devices it contains to connect. An “Auto Accept” function would be helpful here as an optional option so that you do not have to go into all GUIs to accept each other.

Devices that are outside the LAN are clearly not displayed under “Add Device”. If you could now store an individual, separate device code in each device, which would then be the same in all relevant devices, you could also have the relevant devices connected automatically via and beyond the LAN.

Would it be possible?

This would be equivalent to offering all files without authentication to the local LAN. I’m not sure that’s a feature we want. When you control the involved devices you can set one to be introducer instead.

Agree, introducer and auto-accept are features for trusted devices (even if transient trust). Having this for completely untrusted devices is a no from me.

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Understandable from the point of view. It would also mean taking responsibility accordingly. So I continue to test Introducer, but is not limited to devices, it also recommends appropriate peers and I wanted to avoid that.

I think in general introducer and auto-accept are anti-features that are hard to reason about causing a lot of confusion between users and I’m somewhat sad that we’ve caved in and implemented them.