Detailed log of files synced for each share!

I have discovered that Syncthing is very reliable in the small business environment that I work with. The one thing missing from the program is the ability to turn on a detailed log for each share that records which files did not change, which changed and synced successfully, and which failed. If it were available, it could be emailed daily to confirm / discover errors that occurred and give great peace of mind for users like me that automate your software. For me, this one feature would add great value to program. Thanks for the consideration!

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If something is out of sync and failed, it will show up in the UI…?

You can also try the -verbose option.

Thank You! I am aware. However, what I was looking for is that information to be recorded in a separate log file generated after each sync.

The -audit option (similar to -verbose) is as close as you’ll get today. Additional logging can of course always be added, but it tends to have a performance impact so some care needs to be taken. Open feature request in the issue tracker for missing specifics. :slight_smile:

Thank you Jakob! I will look at that audit option. I also understand about performance. I am using your software on a dedicated server. If you guys do add this feature, I believe it would be best served as an option on each share. I also believe this one feature would put syncthing in a class equal to any enterprise solution currently available on the market. Please do consider and thanks again for the response!