Desktop + Fire Tablet no sync

Hi everyone, first time using Syncthing. I’ve installed on my desktop (Win10) and wanted to sync over LAN with a Fire tablet. I’ve shared the folder, installed the APK on the tablet and added the folder to the tablet. In the desktop that folder says it’s syncing but no files are transferred at all. On the table the app says that the folder is “out of sync” but again no sync at all.

What can I do to check where is the problem?

You also need to add the devices.

Please follow the getting started guide.

Of course I’ve added the devices, and again it’s shows the status of the remote folder as “syncing” but stays on 0%.

Suggest you post screenshots from both sides.


Desktop screenshot:

Fire Tablet screenshot:

even though it shows small numbers in transfers - nothing happens.

The folder type on the tablet is set to “Send Only”. As such, the folder will not accept any files from remote devices. You need to change the type either to the default “Send & Receive” or “Receive Only” in order to be able to sync it.

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