Deploying a syncthing instance on a cloud based server

Hi all, so I am fully migrated to Syncthing on my personal machines. I am considering building ‘server’, but this time on a cloud somewhere. I am still debating this in my mind.

But if I were to do that, I would like to build a FreeBSD server on Amazon AWS (or competing service) and deploy syncthing folders on it.

Obviously I have to think about security, etc, but really what I am asking is what are the do’s and don’ts, and what are costs? Let’s pretend we have a round number of 1TB of data, with only 10% in ‘motion’ at anytime?

Really hoping some of you folks can tell me what you are doing, how its working for you and what your costs are.



I’d wait for the encrypted folder feature to arrive in Syncthing before puttting my data on a cloud VPS server ;-).

I’m not sure if running this as a cloud setup and paying for traffic is as efficient as running a Raspi or Qnap server at home.

I have my own physical server where I want them so I am good there. And yeah you are not wrong in your thinking - why pay for a cloud service when you have built your own private cloud. And I agree fully with that thinking. What I am also thinking is why build and pay for another hardware server when I can use a cloud service for pennies per TB. And that becomes a simple financial math equation. What I am really looking to hear from folks doing this is what they have learned from it, what is good about it, what their real costs are, etc.

And thanks for the tip on the encrypted folder feature. Much appreciate it.

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Hi @FreeBSD_Lover (woah, what’s a nickname :wink: )

I was in the same scheme as you until I changed my mind. I initially thought to rent an online server, whether it is VPS, bare metal or whatsoever. Finally, I got someone in my family with high-speed internet (optical fiber) and put at his home my secondary server. Thus I have the best of both world: trustable location, cheap/free, fast, customizable … and I’ve made a new fan of Syncthing.


I might be missing something here… I do have a VPS with a Syncthing instance on it, shouldn’t I? Is there an extra security step I should take? Please help out a not-so-tech guy.

Thanks folks :wink: