Deploy Syncthing Relay Server to Digital Ocean with Terraform

If you are interested in Terraform modules and have an interest in running a Syncthing Relay Server you might find this helpful.

Also published as an actual Terraform module so you can simply do the following:-

module "strelaysrv-node" {
  source  = "ndejong/strelaysrv-node/digitalocean"
  region = "sfo2"
  hostname = "node0-sfo2-digitalocean"
  user = "<username>"
  user_sshkey = "<ssh-public-key>"

Digital Ocean is targeted here because their per/TB cost is better than most of the alternatives ($5 per 1 TB per month at low end) if you require more TB, simply deploy more instances.

For anyone interested - this Terraform module just received an update to v0.2.0 making it easier to use and making it compatible with the new syncthing-relaysrv apt package available with Ubuntu 18.04