Deletions not synced

I have the latest version of Syncthing running between a Linux machine and a Windows machine.

Every time when I add files/folders to the Linux machine, they get synced correctly to the Windows machine. So far so good.

But every time when I delete some files/folders on the Windows machine, they are not deleted on the Linux machine, and it stays ‘Out of sync’ on that side, until I manually remove them there too.

The first couple of times I thought it was a glitch, but the problem is fully reproducible and happens every time. Is this is a known bug? And if not, what can be the reason for this behaviour?

Have you enabled the ‘ignoreDeletes’ advanced option? Anything in the log?

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If you add files/folders on the windows machine, are they synced to Linux? Did you perhaps the the folder as master on Linux.

Does the user running Syncthing have the permissions to delete files inside the synced folder?


Okay, it turned out to be a permission problem, like suggested above.

The user running syncthing had only read permissions to the files, but no write-permissions, so that explains why the Linux box got out of sync every time.

However it would be nice if the Syncthing GUI displayed a warning when it doesn’t have the right permissions to sync, because it was not obvious from the GUI what the problem was.

It does show the error in failed items.

Hey guys, I do have a problem with deletion as well, but a different one: my problem is, that files I delete don’t get deleted on the other notes, but i just get them back from. they are resynced from the other notes.

do you have an idea? can it maybe be releted to the fact, that the folder aren’t in sync yet?

thanks, jaithn

Check the logs on both sides.

i am sorry to ask, but how? thanks

If one of the devices is an Android one, that’s the usual cause. There is something with the media manager or so that resurrects deleted files.

its actually 3 synology nas systems

How can I check the logs on synology?

Syncthing logs to stdout. So either check the startup script, where it is redirected to or start Syncthing manually, so the log is inside the console.

Could this be the same issue as classified as a bug:

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