Deleting ignored files

(Ardiansyah -) #1

I found this post (Deleting remnants of ignored files) and need to implement on my syncthing. How should I do that? or Will it be one feature of syncthing?


(Simon) #2

If you know what you’re doing, the linked thread contains all you need to do it yourself. As to whether it will be a feature: It is something that I personally consider a very valid and useful feature, but it’s not high prio. So from my side I can’t say whether it will happen at all.

(Ardiansyah -) #3

@imsodin I think so, the link contain it all. The problem is, I need simple and practical step by step tutorial. or, probably I should learn the source code structure…

(Ardiansyah -) #4

I managed to put additional lines on the original code, following the conversation in my first post link (see above). I have it compiled, and installed in my computer. In ‘setting’ (action–> setting) , I found ‘Ignore Folder’ tab. Actually, I have 1 ignored folder, but it is not appear in the ‘Ignore Folder’ tab. I also couldn’t find ‘delete ignored folder’. Please help…