Deleting a subfolder from one computer doesn't delete it in the other?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “Syncthing” is supposed to sync folders right? Files that are added/edited/deleted in a directory should be synced to the shared directory in the other computer(s).

The first 2 (added, edited) clauses work fine, but I’ve noticed that the third doesn’t. I tried by deleting a folder which was a subfolder of my shared folders on Syncthing and it wasn’t deleted on the other computer. This is not “syncing” per se. Do I have to tick an advanced option or something in order to allow or isn’t Syncthing designed to support such delete operations?

I’m using Synctrayzor on Windows 10.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Please post screenshots showing your Syncthing configuration, and specifically folder configuration. Please keep in mind that by default syncing deletions is delayed by 60 seconds (when using file watching). Also, just in case you’re using drive root paths (e.g. D:\) as your folders in Syncthing, there’s a known issue where file watching doesn’t work with them in Windows, forcing Syncthing to rely only on periodic scanning to detect changes (which is set to 1 hour by default).

It seems that everything is working fine now. So perhaps I tripped. All seems well. Thank you very much.

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