Deleting a pict on PC not delete / duplicate on Android [SOLVED]

Syncthing Android is super tks !

I would like to be able to make some cleanup of my Picture Folder ( CAM) on the Android phone from my Desktop.

If I delete a pict on the android phone, it’s deleting it from the same folder on my PC.

But if I delete the pict from the same folder, on the PC, on the android, it’s not replicating that change… It only show me some " IGNORE " button I can click, and it then bring back the picture I deleted from the PC…

Any ideas how I could make some camera folder clean up from my PC, so those changes will be duplicated to my phone ?

Tks !!

That’s probably a red “Override” button. The camera directory is read-only due to android restrictions. Meaning Syncthing cannot delete (nor change or add) any files in there, thus the deletion from the PC cannot be applied. Thus the folder is made send-only, which makes the “Override” button appear on remote changes.

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As far as I remember, the Syncthing application sets the Camera folder to Send Only by default, regardless of the actual restrictions (e.g. even when Syncthing has been run as root, etc.).

@jfbourdeau You may want to try switching the type to Send & Receive manually and see what happens then.


LOL it was a noobie question, I missed that settings… You were right, by default it is set to send, but setting it to Send/Receive did fix my problem… Tks !


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