Deleted folders with content got substituted with empty folders

In release 1.23 I deleted some folders with content. After a short time (1 minute?), these folders appeared again on each device, but this time empty.

So I stopped every running instance on all devices, deleted again alle folders on every device, started syncthing again and … the empty folders appeared again.

Solution: Resetting the databases with syncthing --reset-database on android and the raspberry pi plus a following restart fixed the problem.


From time to time I delete these 6 folders in Syncthings (Windows 10) folder “Obsidian”, wait, until every device knows about it and deletes the folders with content too. Then I copy (~ 99 %) the same files again into the same folder and let it sync again.

  • Are such issues known?
  • What can I do to prevent it in the future?
  • Is this an infrequent bug? I cannot reproduce the problem. My devices:

1 raspberry pi, 8GB 1 Windows 10 1 Android Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

~2539 files in 120 folders, 1.23 GB.


Are all three devices running the newest version of Syncthing? There used to be issues with Android “undeleting” things but they were all fixed some time ago.

Yes, all devices are running the latest release.

The problem occured first in the last days of release 1.23 and were also seen in 1.23.1. Android has 1.23.0 until now, there is no newer release.

Generally this happens when Syncthing is unable to remove the folder on the other side, because there’s something unexpected inside it or because of some permission issue, or because the folder is recreated by something else that expects it to exist.