Deleted files remain 'Syncing (95%, 0B)'

Syncthing 0.14.48 on 4 linux machines. Delete files on A, B shows all files up to date. But A shows remote device (B) has incomplete deletions with 95%, 0B. Subsequent connections on machines C and D show all nodes up to date. There are no ignore patterns for this directory. Should I reset deltas/database on A? Same setup has been working successfully for months. ST updated regularly from repos. (At first I thought it was because of the update to .49RC, so I reverted to .48 but that was not the cause.) BTW, Syncthing-GTK shows as sync at 99% but also up-to-date. Restarts make no difference to GUI. Zombie files have been deleted from the file systems.


Is one of the folders send only? Is there anything in the logs on the logs on the other end?

No send-only folders and no mention of ‘zombie’ files in logs on either side. I have shutdown ST on machine A (T410) and --reset-deltas. On ST restart the problem has gone. Both nodes are showing up-to-date. If this happens again, I’ll try to capture the logs immediately and come back.

Thanks for your help.

It could be that it was caused by the rc and was left in the database even if you rolled back.

Thanks, I’ll upgrade both sides to .49RC and see what happens.

Now on .49rc on both sides. Thunderbird profile a is synced folder. Thunderbird opened, modified and closed on machine A, allowing time for sync (rescans enabled). Deleted and modified files are successfully synced from machine A (T410) to machine B (RPI3). List of recent changed files on both sides appears normal, nothing in logs to report.

Machine C (still on .48) started and synced successfully. List of recent changes shows all deleted and modified files.

I’ll keep monitoring my network. Thanks again…

I think I have just seen the reverse when updating machine D (T400) to .49rc. It showed Out-of-Sync for 43 files but local and global total were equal and correct. The files were not in the filesystem, and other devices had T400 as up-to-date.

After --reset-deltas on T400 all 43 files were deleted and appeared in the recent changes GUI as deleted by another device (T410).

Is it good practice to regularly reset deltas? Is this necessary with some ST updates?

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