Deleted File !


I like syncthing, I use it a lot.

but I met this (big ?) problem:

I use syncthing on 2 computers with a single to synchronize. When i installed syncthing on my samsung S5 and set the id device and share, my file was erased on the 2 computers !!!

fortunately I had a backup not too old.

this is not very reassuring…


You must have done something unusual.

Just stating the result is not very useful if you want to understand what happened. For that you usually need to explain in as much detail as possible as to what you did, what folder types, were they empty or not, etc.

Did you use SendOnly mode?

ok yes you’re right…but I did not do much…

my configuration:

1 Pc Seven with SyncTrayzor V1.3.0 with 3 share folder

1 Laptop W10 with SyncTrayzr V1.3.0 with 1 share folder

1 folder with only one kdbx file this configuration worked well.


I installed the syncthing application on my samsung S5. I did not change any settings

I just added the PC Seven device with BarcodeScanner then i added the share with the key…

I noticed that the file disappeared from the other device…

that’s all…


I forgot something…:

when i installed the application, i had a message like that: (but I do not remember exactly…)

“with this android version, send only”

I think a warning notice should be added to the android app’s welcome slides explaining that for “extra” attention.

You probably pressed override changes button which pushed phones state to everyone else, which starts of empty, because it’s a send only folder by default.