Delete of redundant files on read only client

I have setup a master folder on one computer and shared it with another.

When I remove a file from the Master and do a rescan, the synced computer doesn’t remove the obsolite files.

Is this correct?

Nope it’s not. Are you using inotify? Is the second machine definately not master too? Are the two machines connected?

Actually just looked and indeed the files have now gone. Just took a while.

On the machine that is set to master the orange button says Override Changes

Why is this as looking at both sets of files, the folder count and byte count is identical.

Metadata, modification times, etc.

For the purposes of just file backup, do I need to worry about that?

You tell me… Some people like their mtimes, some people don’t care about mtimes. There is no harm in pressing override changes every now and then.

Pitty it’s not a option to automatically do that.