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I have 2 questions…

(#1) I have 1 folder I would like to sync from computer A to computer B, let’s name it ‘/colours’ Inside this folder there are 4 subfolders named ‘white’, ‘green’, ‘blue’ and ‘yellow’ as follow: /colours /white /green /blue /yellow

On computer B I would like to download only the subfolders ‘white’ and ‘blue’. I have add on the ‘ignore patters’ tab of the computer B the following: /green /yellow but all the subfolders are downloaded (synced) anyways. Where am I mistaking ?

(#2) Let’s say that I have to delete the two subfolders ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ from the computer B as they shouldn’t be there. If I delete, these will be deleted also on computer A. How can I remove these 2 folders on computer B, without deleting on computer A ?

Thansk a lot. Dado

Please check if you haven’t already.

  1. You need to put the two in separate lines:


    If that’s still not working, then please post screenshots of your ingore patterns in the GUI, and also the actual folder paths. The above will ignore only direct children of the root folder path.

  2. If you ignore them (properly) on B, then deleting them subsequently on B won’t have any effect on A.

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