Delete files on target without resync

I setup pc as send only and pixel phone as receive only. When the PC folder is too big for pixel phone’s internal storage, the sync will stop and show insufficient space. I then upload the synced files to google photos and delete the synced files from phone. How do I resume the sync for remaining files to pixel phone, without resyncing the already deleted files?

This isn’t really how Syncthing works, i.e. the whole idea of synchronisation is that two sides are kept in the same state, which includes deleted files. However, in this specific case, the folder is set to Receive Only, so if you delete something inside it, Syncthing will complain with a big and red “Revert Local Changes” button, yet the synchronisation itself should continue regardless, which means that the remaining files should still be synced.

If they’re not, please post screenshots showing the Syncthing Web GUI on both sides. On Android, you can access it from the left slide-out menu.

A follow up question: Suppose syncing stops due to insufficient space. Once I make more space available on target, will syncing resume automatically?



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