delete file from folder on tablet when file deleted from same folder on pc

hello, i have not selected to “disable delete” but my syncthing running on android on my tablet is not deleting a file in the same folder where i deleted the file on the pc. (i’m using syncthing to move files from this folder to the pc where i can rename them and store them in another folder there so i can keep have them removed from that folder on the tablet to keep minimal files on the tablet.

i got this error on the tablet when i am in the web gui and click on the folder’s failed items:
the following items could not be synchronized. they are re tried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved. 20170322_164232.jpg permission denied

(the location of the folder on the tablet is /storage/external_SD/DCIM ) thanks

the pc shows zero files in the folder but

Please see: