Delete delay is much longer than 6 seconds, even when fsWatcherDelayS set to 1?

I have set fsWatcherDelayS to 1, If I am not mistaken the delete delay should then be 6 seconds, however it seems to be much longer, any idea what could be causing this?

My setup consists of 1 Windows PC and 1 Android phone, I take a picture on my phone and the camera folder is fully synced to the PC, I delete the picture newly taken on the PC and wait for this to synchronize on the phone, but seems to just stay on there about a minute… I’ve timed it three times now and seems to be consistently 60-65 seconds before it gets deleted.

I have set both configs to fsWatcherDelayS=“1”, so what else can I do? Newly added files both ways do seem to be within 5 seconds, sometimes a second or two later, but not too much of a big deal.

How did you modify the configs exactly? Using the Web GUI? I assume that restarting Syncthing makes no difference. Is this correct?

I’m assuming this is the wrong way, but for the android, I basically did a backup of the config, made the edit on the xml file, imported the backup. I could not see any other way.

For the config on the PC, I went to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Syncthing.

I have restarted Syncthing, yes, but considering the time to sync newly added files seem to be below 10 seconds, I assume the config files were in affect.

I’d suggest doing additional testing but this time editing the values directly in the GUI through Actions → Advanced Configuration. On Android, you can access the Web GUI from the left slide-out menu. If you edit the config.xml file, restart is always required, and also you ideally should only do it while Syncthing isn’t running, i.e. shut Syncthing down first, then do the modifications, then start it again. On the other hand, if you do the edits through the GUI, new values will be applied immediately.

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I noticed editing from the GUI the timer was still on 10 second (on the PC) and that matched exactly with the default x6 for deletions timings I was getting.

Not sure as I do recall restarting the server, stopping/starting it. That seemed to do the trick anyway, thank you. I got exactly roughly 6 seconds now, which is more bareable.

I’d love Syncthing to allow for a more instantaneous option on mirroring.

Yeah, I was trying to do just that in but I got stuck at editing the usage reporting-related code. Someone with proper Go skills should probably be able to do implement this very easily.

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