Delayed sync with Chromebook

I have recently started using Syncthing. My cluster currently includes two Windows 10 PC’s, a Moto X4 phone, and an Asus Flip CP100A Chromebook running Android in a container inside ChromeOS.

Syncing seems to work fine between all the devices, but on the Chromebook, Syncthing seems to only sync once per hour.

I have checked the Syncthing option Start Automatically on Boot. I’ve also enabled notifications from Syncthing and from File Manager+ (which I use for editing text files on Android) in the Android options. But Syncthing still appears to sync only once an hour.

Is there a way to enable Android Syncthing to immediately sync files as soon as they are closed after being modified on the Chromebook? If not, is there a way to manually trigger Syncthing to do a sync?

Or is there an implementation of Syncthing that runs natively on ChromeOS that does automatic syncs in realtime?


The Android App “forces” watching for changes (at least it did a while ago), which means the periodic scan is set to 60 minutes, instead of 1.

Android can only notify about changes which are made in that Android container. You change the files outside that container, right?

There is no native ChromeOS App.

You could try Crostini with the matching native linux binary (probably ARM).

Thanks for responding, wweich!

Actually, no, I change the files using either File Manager+ (from developer “Flashlight + Clock”) or WPS Office. Both of these are Android apps, straight from the Play Store, so they must be operating within the Android container.

Could the Syncthing Android app be modified to allow the user to set the periodic scan interval for a shorter time than 60 minutes? Or allow the user to manually trigger a sync?

Installing Crostini would require replacing ChromeOS with a fresh install of the linux binary, right? (And yes, it would be ARM on this Chromebook.) If so, I don’t think that would be an option for me.

Thanks again!

Ah. Found a page with info about installing Crostini on a Chromebook. It puts Linux into a container in ChromeOS, rather than replacing ChromeOS as I assumed.

However, my C100PA will never get Crostini support:

So I guess that rules out that option. :frowning:

Either a manual trigger or the option of a shorter sync interval would solve the problem. How would I go about requesting these features in the Syncthing Android app?


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In the app menu you can open the web UI, giving you access to all settings and button for manual scan.

Okay, I’ve opened the web UI, but what setting will allow me to shorten the sync interval from 1 hour?

Also, is the Actions > Restart the button you’re referring to for manual scan?

The rescan button is inside the folder panels.

Some folder settings are reset on start of the android app. I’m not sure, if the rescan interval is (still) one of that.

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