Default rescan interval

Is there any possibility to change the default rescan interval? Since a few weeks I use the syncthing-inotify daemon (which works like a charm!), but I have to increase the rescan interval for every directory manually. Is there any option (or maybe variable?) to change the default rescan interval for recently added directories?

+1 from me:

I feel that’s just a step in the process. If you are that bothered by it, just compile a version with a custom default.

But I guess we should eventually expose all defaults, and allow them to be configurable, though I am sure there are bigger issues today.

Perhaps create an issue in the tracker so it’s not forgotten.

I am not that bothered; I am just asking if I am missing something. :wink:

I had also been wondering the same thing since I started using the syncthing-inotify addon recently. I was optimistic in thinking that perhaps syncthing was smarter than it is and checking if syncthing-inotify is running or installed, and if so, automatically adjusting the rescan interval to something more reasonable. Without an improvement, the benefits of using syncthing-inotify are effectively reduced.

Rather than exposing all defaults or the automatic idea I just mentioned, a simpler more fool-proof solution could be to just add a boolean parameter in the user’s syncthing settings file (and configurable in web GUI) which asks if the user is using syncthing-inotify. Then add simple logic in the code to automatically adjust the polling interval based on this parameter :wink:

I think this is too error prone If you launch st-inotify it will inform you to increase the default rescan interval. This could also be done automatically but requires a restart from syncthing and a modification of the config file. However, currently inotify will never write to any file which I think is nice.

Maybe we could add an API call to adjust the rescan interval on the fly, without affecting the configured value or requiring a restart. So we can ship with the current default, and inotify could tell Syncthing to change the scan interval to 86400 or 0 or something on the folders it monitors, at startup.

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Good idea

(but never set it to 0 please :wink:)