Default folder not syncing

Setup Syncthing on macOS and Android via F-Droid.

The favicon shows an exclamation mark which does not convey things are alright - however I am unsure how to find out what is wrong. Looking at the default view I am unable to spot any errors.


Trying to sync the macOS default folder to android but not succeeding so far. On desktop I select Default Folder > Edit > Sharing and the Android device is showing up with check-mark next to it.

However on the android device only the Camera folder shows up which I don’t want to sync.

The default folder from macOS is not showing up.

Very new to syncthing so I may be missing something obvious. But currently I am stuck.

I wouldn’t really pay much attention to the favicon. I’ve had it stuck in various states even though Syncthing was running properly.

The Android app is different than your regular Syncthing in a way that it doesn’t create the so called “Default Folder” by default, but it rather has the Camera folder added automatically instead. If you want to share the “Default Folder” with your Android device, you will need to do it manually using the Syncthing Web GUI on another device. You can also remove the Camera folder from Syncthing completely if you don’t need it.

I thought I did just that. On macOS I open the default folder > Sharing. Then I tick the android device. I am unsure about the following UI thought:

The android device is mine so is assuming I am trusting it fair and does that mean I do not need an enryption password?

It seems to have worked this time. Yey!

However on Android I am now asked about the sync. I accepted and find myself in a view called Create Folder. The name is Default Folder which is fine with me, however when I click the checkmark, Ssynthing complains with The folder path must not be empty. So I aded a Syncthing folder and then it worked.

For new users this is rather hard to get right. But I can confirm things are now working as expected.


A typical use case for “untrusted” is this: You have a friend you trust in the sense that he will not delete your files, but you don’t trust him to not look at the file content. When syncing with him, the files are encrypted before they are sent to him. Since he does not have the password, he cannot read the plaintext content of your files.

And FYI: Regardless if peers are “untrusted” or not, all data in transit is ALWAYS encrypted.


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