Decoding posted config: node ID invalid: incorrect length

I got the following error when I try to add a node and the node is started on the other machine.

12:09:37: decoding posted config: node ID invalid: incorrect length

I only managed to add the node by going on that machine and shutting down syncthing. I made sure that I am entering the node ID correctly, so the length was char by char checked. It looks that this error means something else.

What was the node ID?

Quite an ordinary looking ID:


Indeed, that doesn’t trigger the error message in question, so something else must have been going on with that configuration.

In particular, if the node ID editor let it pass it already passed that check, so some other node ID in the config was bad (or maybe blank). Could be a bug somewhere in the config stuff in the GUI possibly.

Could be a bug, because it only worked after I shut down the remote synchting. Then its ID was successfully added as a node. After that I started it again. No problems occurred. They synced.

Have the same problem here. I have on my FreeNAS 9.3 Server, the version 0.11.11 and on the Linux Mint 17.2 KDE, the version 0.11.24, and i can’t add the NAS Syncthing ID, nor ever i restart both of Syncthings instances, on both machines. No chance at all to add one, or other the machine IDs. I have tryed to delete all the config, and re-downloaded the syncthing, and started new. No chance at all. No luck. This is somewhere a big bug, i think.

… and what i have found now, after hours of frustrating, it is a problem with Chrome Browser.

With Chrome browser (Chrome to Chrome), no chance to work.

With Firefox (Firefox to Firefox), no problem at all. I have added devices successfuly, from the first try with Firefox on both machines.

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