Decentralized Sync ?

Hi, I work in small group (16 people) with some big files (Virtual machine …) Sharing files is difficult, with ftp for example the speed of download decrease (it’s normal everyone download from one computer)

When I started using it I thought this: A file is dropped into a shared folder , Other computers download this files (a part on one computer an other part on a other computer; as is work on P2P)

I thinks that this is not possible, and I will encounter the same problem as in FTP.

Is it possible to do this use-case with syncthing ?

Ps Sorry for English, this is not the main language

This is pretty much exactly what Syncthing does, yes.

OK, that’s what I thought. But I do not understand How to do this: To have multiple sources Do I add each others computers and their shared folder (on each computer) OR adding a sort of chained list is enough, syncthing does the rest (create map/graph of each computer).

Syncing is only done between connected devices. If you don’t add a remote device to a device, they won’t sync.

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@test each machine needs to know about each other machine. For example to create a 3 machine mesh, machine A needs to know B & C, machine B needs to know A & C, machine C needs to know A & B.

Otherwise it would be a daisy chain and probably not what you’re after. Use the “Introducer” option to help out

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