Decentralized swarming github?

Hi, I’m sorry for a pretty off-topic post. This post is about an idea related to syncthing, rather than the current syncthing software:

I’ve been wondering whether it would be possible to build a decentralized swarming github. Of course, git itself is already decentralized, but github adds a canonical index of repositories with stable URLs, and a place to collaborate, and that’s what I’m interested in replicating using decentralized algorithms and hosting.

I suppose you would dedicate an amount of disk space and bandwidth to hosting everyone else’s repositories, and some (decentralized) part of the system would try to keep each repo alive and healthy by making sure it’s sufficiently replicated.

It would be awesome to hear if anyone else has thoughts about how to put this together, any idea on what the largest pitfalls will be, if there are already similar projects in existence, and if syncthing in particular is a useful building block.

Thanks very much!