Debian Stable vs Testing: "parent is not a directory"

I use Debian Stable (stretch) I was having this “out of sync” problem, it was driving me nuts. After reading old threads I decided to enable the Testing repos, then update to the newer version.

It worked! so, my question: how can we (syncthing users) get newer versions into the Stable repos? Yes, I know Debian is very anal and strict (hence it is Stable) but is there some way the developer can push them a bit?

(I really hate to use Any testing packages, ever) anyway, thanks very much for this excellent tool!

update: now on another machine. Neither the Buster (testing) or Sid (unstable) repos show a later version, only 0.14.18+dfsg1-2+b1 frustrating!

I suppose I need to install the latest from source, and that makes me nervous.

Always has the latest Debian packages, same time as the Github releases.

thanks! I will go and try

Thanks!!! it worked fine, no apt errors either