DDNS not working for me

I have disabled the following, because I don’t want to use any third party.

Both client are up to date Windows Client (SyncTrazor). On my side, I have made a port forward for port 22000 and I have a DDNS-Address. The other side was using a VPN-Provider and was not reachable from the internet.

In that client we changed the address of mine to my DDNS-Address and also the settings shown above. It wouldn’t work. But if we changed it to my IP-Address, it does work. That system had no problem with DNS in general and could find my corresponding ip-address.

So is this expected or is it a bug?

Show the configuration on the other side and the error it shows under the address when it can’t connect? That is, this stuff:


My partner and I did something wrong yesterday, today its working without a problem. Sry. Can be closed. Thanks for this great program.


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