db log: 'Last Seen' writes

I’m running v0.14.4 and I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable the “Last seen” writes to the db log? If not, is it possible to move just the log file to a different location? The writes are preventing some drives from spinning down.

thanks, brad

No it’s not possible.

It could be, but syncthing will still touch the database on every periodic scan which would wake the disks. I’m unsure if just preventing these writes would make any real difference.

You can home the whole config/database to wherever you like though, and point to it with -home.

Periodic scans are disabled on the NAS so that wouldn’t be an issue.

Ultimately, forcing the disks to stay up if clients on the network isn’t a big problem, but if the writes aren’t necessary I’d just as soon have the option to save the energy/wear & tear of those thousands of hours/drive/year.

The database is probably best off where it is for now but I’ll look into moving it all off onto a separate spindle or device in the future.

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