Databases that can be Sync'd with Syncthing

Hello - this platform is REMARKABLE. How is it I have not heard of it until now!

Are there any javascript (preferably) databases that can be sync’d P2P via Syncthing? I have an app with an nedb backend and would like to enable P2P sync for users to be able to sync between their devices without cloud.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

With any database, you need some kind of “snapshotting”. I.e. before Syncthing sees the db, you need to ensure it is in a consistent state and isn’t written to anymore. And that inevitably means you also need some reverse process when “importing” the db, that also takes into account the possibility of conflicting db changes.

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I’ve seen databases that store each value as a file on disk, the key being the file name. That seems like a horrible database design for any number of reasons, but it would lend itself rather well to being synced by Syncthing.