Database migration failure shouldn't block Syncthing auto-update

Currently, if Syncthing finds that it is too old to use the database (and a newer version of Syncthing has updated the database schema), it bails out before it’s had a chance to auto-update. This leaves people with no choice but to manually update Syncthing.

Would it be possible to allow auto-updates in this case? That would allow some users to automatically recover from this issue. I appreciate this might not be simple, as auto-updates will happen relatively asynchronously.

(I’m raising this because of this issue. I’m not sure what’s causing the Syncthing downgrade, but there’s no pretty way to recover from it given that it does happen)

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I guess… Although the fact that they managed to manually downgrade might indicate that an automatic upgrade won’t necessarily help.

I came to that situation once when changing wrappers recently. Syncthing-gtk had upgraded to 0.14.54 and Synctrayzor brought with it 0.14.53 during installation. That one in turn failed to upgrade to 1.0.0 automatically because it choked on the database version.