Data Usage Webpage Empty

Several times over the past few days I have attempted to see the SyncThing web traffic report, but no graphs ever load. What has happened?

Thanks for reporting.

I’ve opened a pull request attempting to fix this:

Something must have changed how the browsers parse this stuff.

I’ve opened a pull request attempting to fix this:

cmd/ursrv: Attempt to fix js failure to load

I tried to render “” with both Safari and Chrome, and neither browser renders any data.

Thanks for having a look at this issue.

On another note, do you know if anyone in your development group or your contributors has used formal methods (equivalence or model checking, symbolic simulation, theorem proving) to analyze “syncthing” code?

Not that I am aware of.

From my limited exposure to formal verification, I suspect it would be hard to do that because of the large code-base, and because of CSP, especially when the language supports pointers.

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