Data not syncing without manual rescan

I have 10 devices that are hooked up on a local area network with no internet access syncthing finds all the computers and sinks data just fine initially. However, what I make a change on any of the devices it does not sync them with any other device until I manually tell it to rescan. The host device however, sinks immediately to all the other devices When A change is made from that computer. I have checked the sync interval times on all the machines I have made sure that there’s no problem with file permissions all the settings are set correctly as far as I know. What else should I check or do to fix this issue?

What kind of devices, what OS version, what Syncthing version, plain Syncthing or with a GUI, did you set something else up like inotify, screenshot of the source folder before and after th manual scan?

RCA w101 v2 tablets running Windows 10 32 bit. They are running syncthing GTK latest version. From what I understand inotify comes with the GTK.

Mmm. Maybe it doesn’t work on those tablets, or Windows 10, or something but still disables the normal regular scans. I don’t know anything about those devices and ehtir inotify-ness, sorry, maybe someone else does.

I know it’s not windows 10 unless Syncthing does not like 32 bit. I use Syncthing all the time between my laptop and desktop and they both run windows 10 64 bit. When I plug my laptop into the same network as those tablets, my laptop pushes the updates out instantly. The tablets can see that change right away. Something is going on with the upload from the tablets.

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