Data corruption

Actually I have some data corruptions on a synchronized folder.

This folder is shared on 5 hosts.

  • How can I know which host had sent corrupted data or how can I track the problem ?
  • syncthing version divergence can explain those corruptions?
  • It can be an hardware problem (I had some HD failure in one machine), but there is a mechanism to prevent corruption from a sick machine ? (This machine is not a source of changes)

I had enabled versioning, then I was able to restore those files. But there is a problem: I have to touch it to force resync.

What does corruption mean in this case? If you read the API docs there is a way to look up detailed information about individual files, including the last device that modified it.

There is no mechanism in syncthing to prevent corruption as it’s not a filesystem and it cannot distinguish corruption from a user made change.

Different versions should not be related to this, but ideally you want them as close as possible to pick up bug fixes.

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