Damn easy? syncing one file only using ignores does not work (mac to mac)


Such an easy requirement! Am I still messing up with the ignore patterns, or is that another Mac thing ?

My goal is to sync between two Macs my sticky notes, provided by the native Mac app “Stickies”.

For some reason, all other folders sync well, only this one fails.

It is just this single file: /Users/<username>/Library/StickiesDatabase within this huge bloated Library folder that I wish to sync.

So I syncthing this folder /Users/<username>/Library with this ignore pattern:


Also tried:


… without luck.

Besides a wrong ignore pattern, I am wondering if having the application open locks the file and prevents it from being synced…

Any idea what could be going wrong ?

I would say that you need to do it in a reverse order, e.g.


Wow that works!

Great help, thank you Tomasz.

I was wrongly influenced by the plethoric examples and documentation on gitignore patterns, nexttime I’ll check directly this syncthing ignore doc instead.


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