Customize syncthing home page

I was trying to be able to personalize a little the main page of the application, made for computer. Could you help me? My operating sistem is Windows Thank you


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I am new, and I would like to customize my website. Put a logo of your own, instead of the horizontal logo of syncthing Could you explain it step by step, or is there a guide?

Thank you

I gave you a link to the docs which describes how to do this. If you have trouble following them, ask a specific question about the precise step you got stuck on.

I would like to change the syncthing logo on the home page, and then be able to run it. Can you help me? Thank you

Please read the messages that people send to you.

If you continue to ignore the people who try and help you, it’s likely that you won’t receive any help at all.

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I have read it, but I do not understand how to be able to change the logo, in what file should I change it, and how would I know if it works for me?

Thank you

Do you know HTML?

Which steps did you follow? Where did you get stuck?

Yes, a little html I am stuck, saving the file, so that I can see my canvios

I explain?

I’m sorry, I anticipate that this discussion will take a number of hours, and I don’t have that much spare time. Maybe someone else will chip in, but I think it’s unlikely.

I suggest writing down exactly what you have done when trying to follow the instructions in my links, and exactly what problem you are seeing.

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I have entered the file: /gui/default/index.html. Inside this, I changed the following line of code, to be able to change the logo:

I need to know how to save these changes, and to be able to show them in the application.

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Do you want to change the logo in your own, single Syncthing instance, or do you want to distribute a customized version of Syncthing in your company/circle?

For the first one: If the logo has the same size, you just need to place a file in ~/.config/syncthing/gui/default/assets/img/logo-horizontal.svg. If the size differs, you also have to place the changed index.html in ~/.config/syncthing/gui/default/. In Windows, those paths should be in %APPDATA%\syncthing\gui\.

For the second one, you will have to fork syncthing, make the changes in the source and compile syncthing.

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is for the second question of you i don’t understand

If you are planning to fork syncthing, bare in mind all changes to existing files need to be opensourced and copyright notices and attributions retained.