Custom device address is not propagated to Discovery servers

In the advanced settings in the device section I have entered the following: “tcp://, dynamic”: one is a dynamic DNS that resolves to my router’s IP address and the other the dynamic setting for global/local discovery.

I can connect to this Syncthing instance successfully only if I manually enter “tcp://” on my phone or some other instance… however I didn’t expect to have to do this. I would assume that with “global discovery” enabled on the device and these settings, “tcp://” would be advertised to other clients when they have the ID. However this doesn’t seem to happen. Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Global discovery should work yes if I understand your setup correctly. It doesn’t know or care whether you have a DNS name somewhere that points to the device, most people don’t and it works for them. So I’m not sure what goes wrong for you.

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