Custom build syncthing immediately replaced

Hi all,

I built my own syncthing binary from the github code, but as soon as I run it it downloads (autoupdates) a new version from god-knows-where and starts to run that instead.

This ‘feature’ seems very sketchy to me. I know you’re probably just trying to ensure everybody runs the latest and greatest version, but I compile my own version for a reason and don’t want to run some unknown binary from the internet.

After readling all the big words about openness and privacy on your site/forums I would have expected you to think this through better.

Is there a way to turn this off? regards, jan

Edit config.xml and set autoupdate renewal to 0

Ok, good. Can I propose to set the default to 0 when building from source. If you custom build software you nearly always intend to run your just-compiled version I’d think.

Yes, makes sense, can you raise an issue on Github explaining the usecase?

Edit: I’ve actually done it.

Yeah, I’ve occasionally been bitten by this one myself, although usually master is ahead of the released version so it doesn’t happen that often. Fixed now anyway; auto upgrade is disabled in non-release builds, i.e. ones where the version isn’t a clean vX.Y.Z(-beta…).

If you want to do release builds and avoid the upgrading stuff, simply building it without support for upgrade (go run build.go -no-upgrade) is cleanest.