current project state

Hi, I am testing syncthing we seems really nice so far but I could not find informations on its current state, is it considered stable ? Can I use it to sync non test data ? I know the version is below 1.0 but it does not mean much nowadays with so many projects “afraid” of this damn 1.0 and staying with a 0.xx for years xD tells you how many people (who choose to report) trust syncthing. It’s stable’ish, but we did have a few borks with permissions, and file corruption due to version incompatibility (where symlinks corrupted their targets on older versions which did not support symlinks).

Nothing is ever 100% safe, hence backup your backups :wink:

Hi, thanks for the infos and the link, really interesting :slight_smile: I am not clear on how exactly I am supposed to read the first table though, what are the 5 / 10 /… % ?

Percentiles, like median but not at 50% but at 5%.

SHA-256 Hashing Performance: 1.1 GiB/s :open_mouth: What CPU is needed for that?