Critical: Romoved files after disk error


I have folder wich synchronized on 3 pc`s, one of pc have crash HDD (external usb drive), and after this, syncthing delete all files in all PC… Very weird behaivor… only backup helps,

Is any settings in syncthing to avoid delete file on file read error?

Syncthing - as the name says - is a sync tool, so all changes are synchronized.
Always make sure you have a backup of the synced files if they are valuable to you.

You can enable file versioning on all PCs - see

What happened exactly?

Syncthing uses the .stfolder directory (former file) to check if the complete directory is gone or if all files where deleted which should be synced. The HDD crash should have also “removed” that directory/file, so Syncthing shouldn’t have deleted anything.

If you replaced the HDD and mounted it at the same place and restored the .stfolder directory, then Syncthing would see that all files are now gone, so they should be deleted on all devices.

If the external HDD was mounted inside a sub directory of the syncthing folder, then there is little we can do to prevent something like this.

On side where HDD crash , I have only folder which have sync in other PC, not mount as folder.

I dont know what exactly happened with HDD, disk had error access to some files (not fully disconnected), after replug it works fine. But at this time I had deleted all files at all 3 synced pcs…

Unfortunatly I was in vacation at this time, and didn`t check syncthing logs.

From your description I can’t really understand what happened, as wweich said there is a mechanism that should prevent synchronization of a completely missing folder. If you can access Syncthing logs of the time when it happened, that might shed light on the issue.

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