Create files with default (e.g. 700/755) permissions

Hello, is it possible to set default permissions for files and folders? I am syncing homedirs and want to be shure that all files have the permission 700. Reason: No one should be allowed to read the home files of other users. Furthermore the users connect sometimes on the same directories with samba. If a users sets a wrong permission (e.g. 000) it is not possible to edit the file with samba.

Create them with the correct permissions. Or set ignore permissions, and use umask.


Sometimes users use wrong permissions (e.g. if they use some strange guis to create them). In samba it is possible to

create mask = 0600

force create mask = 0600

directory mask = 0700

force directory mask = 0700

force group = smbusr

so I think it would be a nice feature. And you’re right, you can use umask in combination with ignore permissions (a really helpful feature!). The only problem is, if you create a new synced folder you have to set the umask via ssh correct so nobody without ssh accsess can do it.

Thank you for you’re great project - it really makes my life easier!

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