Create a standard windows installation wizard

I’m still browsing all the options and addons that syncthing has to offer, and it really looks awesome. However, I miss a crucial feature if I want to convince my family members to use it, and that’s a standard-looking Windows installer. It would increase the potential userbase of SyncThings enormously.

What I would like to have is:

  • download a single .exe file
  • when it starts, it ask for a directory to install to (c:\program files\SyncThings)
  • it installs SyncThings to auto-start on Windows start, in the background (no console visible); best with a Windows Service
  • it creates start menu shortcuts to “launch SyncThings” (which opens the browser window), and to uninstall
  • ideally, the tray icon is standard included (the last three options can be check-boxes so you can choose to do/not to do these options)
  • optionally, it also ask for a node and a directory, to easily install the most simple configuration

Maybe something like this exists already, but I didn’t see it.

I would like to help, but at the moment I don’t have time to completely create such a thing, but I’d be happy to test it.

This topic presently being discussed in the issue tracker here:

Until there is a native Syncthing solution, there is a pretty nice workaround for Windows called SyncthingTray. It sits in your tray, and can configure (very basic options) and launch Syncthing without the visible console. It has a “start on boot” option. It’s found here: