Create a FreeBSD port

Hey there,

I think the best way to get users started easily is to provide the software inside the various package management systems. I’d like to use Syncthing on OS X and on FreeBSD. OS X already has a pull request inside homebrew that might land at some point:

Is there someone who is willing to contribute (and maybe manage the port in the future) for FreeBSD? pkg install syncthing would be a fantastic thing for me.

Thank you.


I understand the charm in using package managers, but it’s not that difficult to just download and extract the freebsd tar that is released along with the rest.

Although if I was using arch today my first goto would be AUR, so maybe you’re right!

I agree that it’s not difficult. Also, with the update system out of the web interface it’s better, but…

It’s still way easier to update all outdated software with one pkg upgrade then to go into each software, check for updates, and then perform the update manually. That’s why we got package managers in the first place. :slight_smile:

Yes, I didn’t think of the update functionality. You’re definitely right :smile:

Actually, FreeNAS/BSD has a port available. Not sure how usable it is (I’ve had bad experiences with plugins through freenas) but you may want to check it out: GitHub - josh4trunks/freenas-plugins: FreeNAS plugins repository

I’m not sure how to install the uptodate version on my FreeNAS. Someone in the freeNAS forums gave me these instructions:

pkg update pkg upgrade portsnap fetch extract portsnap fetch update cd /usr/ports/net/syncthing/ && make -DBATCH install clean

I did that and no errorrs but if I do a service syncthing restart I am still running my old version. Anyone able to explain what I need to do next? Where was the compiled syncthign version put/installed?


Some Linux people never install anything that is not in the package manager understandably for various reasons one of them being the package security. People who make packages for these disros have to have proper pgp keys to sign these packages for example. It is not just a convenience.

The packages that makes into Linux distros are also tend to be much more integrated with the Host OS, ie running as a service, proper libraries, conflict free integration etc.


I’d be interested in a port for FreeBSD, too. Especially for running it at a service that I don’t have to start it manually. So is there still some work done on this?

@swills has made a FreeBSD port (net/syncthing).

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I see! Thank you very much for pointing out. I guess while I was doing my research I searched for “Pulse” (as far as I understand it is the new name of the software) so I didn’t find anything.

Hi, the port has not been upgraded since 0.13.4. Is the port not maintained anymore or is it a temporary thing?

the maintainer is here in the forum @swills, maybe he can tell.