Crash with v0.14.33

I’ve been using Syncthing on Ubuntu server 17 for a long time, in a Intel PentiumIII 700MHz: all warked very well up to v0.14.32, including Syncthing upgrades.

Now, after upgrading to v0.14.33, Syncthing crashes, failing to start.

The system created the file /var/crash/_usr_bin_syncthing.1000.crash and I uploaded it to

Any ideas?

This is not a syncthing crash log, so not very useful. We’ve moved to a newer version of Go, so it might be that your CPU is simply no longer supported syncthing doesn’t even get a chance to print anything.

Hi Audrius!

For the moment, I’ve downgraded to 0.14.32 and now it all works again!

My setup is the following:

Architecture: i386

Uname: Linux 4.10.0-28-generic i686

DistroRelease: Ubuntu 17.04

ProcCmdline: /usr/bin/syncthing -no-browser -no-restart -logflags=0

At the link:

they say the last stable version of GoLang is go1.8.3 and the package:

go1.8.3.linux-386.tar.gz Archive Linux x86

is available for Linux on the x86 architecture at the link:

So, do you think Syncthing will work on Linux over the i386 architecture?

So having checked, it seems official 0.14.33 is built with Go 1.8.3, so not sure where your crashes are coming from.

Perhaps a corrupt download?

I uninstalled v0.14.33 and reinstalled v0.14.33 again, but nothin. I also upgraded the OS, and tried again with v0.14.33, but nothing. After that, I uninstalled v0.14.33 and downgrade to v0.14.32 and all was ok.

What do you mean uninstalled and reinstalled. Are you using a package manager? I suggest you try to download the binary from our webpage.

I use apt-get from command line, with the exact setup explained here:

With uninstall and reinstall I mean the following sequence:

apt-get remove syncthing

sudo apt-get install syncthing=0.14.33


apt-get remove syncthing

sudo apt-get install syncthing=0.14.32

Try downloading, extracting and running the binary from here:

This is likely my fault. I have fiddled with the build agents and forgotten the GO386=387 setting, making it require SSE instructions. I’ll fix this for the next release.


I’ve upgraded to v0.14.35 and now everything works fine. Thank you Jakob.


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