Crash on v0.14.49 Debian

Everytime I add a new folder on Windows 7 SyncThing, my linux server SyncThing crashes.

Setup: Linux (Debian) - I already have 3 folders shared with several devises Windows 7 - I have 3 folders shared (duplicated as per Linux).

I have a 1.4TB folder on Windows which I can add to the Windows SyncThing (starts scanning fine), but when I tick the box to include the Linux box, the Linus Sync Thing crashes with a panic.log with the following: ======>

INFO: UPnP parse: unrecognized UPnP device of type urn:*********************************
UPnP parse: unrecognized UPnP device of type urn:*********************************
Established secure connection to 2********************************* at 10.1..:$ Device 2*********************** client is “syncthing v0.14.49” named “” at$ New NAT port mapping: external TCP address ...: to local address
Detected 1 NAT service
Established secure connection to Z
****************************** at 10.1..:$ Device Z*********************** client is “syncthing v0.14.49” named “” at$ INFO: Adding folder “ExistingFolder1*” ()
panic: cannot start already running folder

goroutine 191 [running]:*Model).startFolderLocked(0xc4200aafc0, 0xc42009b8f0, 0xb, 0x0)
/opt/tcagent/syncthing-work/src/ +0xf22*Model).StartFolder(0xc4200aafc0, 0xc42009b8f0, 0xb)

Is this a folder access issue on linux (that listed folder is root/root, even if i change it, it’ll change back to root/root. I’m running syncthing as another account, not root so I dont know whats changing the permissions).

Is it an issue with the way Sync Thing adds to a remove device, a bug or something in the configs on either device?

I can send detailed logs, but they contain keys (prefer not to post them here).

I’ve worked around the crash by adding to both devices at the same time. In the past, I’ve added just to 1 device and the other prompts to add. In the above case, it just crashes 4 times and doesn’t restart on the linux box.

This is probably which is fixed in .50-rc2 (and hence .50 when it drops, Sep 4).

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