corruption on table-footer (pos=2115454): bad magic number - now end in: invalid argument

After long running fine with syncthing (Ubuntu 14.04 32 Bit) syncthing v0.14.32 stopped today with panic logs :open_mouth: As with other “panic” time, I restarted syncthing several times. As no solution, I deleted folder “index-v0.14.0.db” and restarted again. First it runs, but some minutes later it stopped again, now with

21:55:33.286843 log@legend F·NumFile S·FileSize N·Entry C·BadEntry B·BadBlock Ke·KeyError D·DroppedEntry L·Level Q·SeqNum T·TimeElapsed
21:55:33.294727 version@stat F·[0 3] S·5MiB[0B 5MiB] Sc·[0.00 0.05]
21:55:33.295099 db@open opening
21:55:33.299966 journal@recovery F·1
21:55:33.301419 journal@recovery recovering @26
21:55:33.305638 memdb@flush created L0@29 N·34 S·935B "\x03SK..een,v71849":"\x05\x00\x00..mp4,d71861"
21:55:33.308653 version@stat F·[1 3] S·5MiB[935B 5MiB] Sc·[0.25 0.05]
21:55:33.322206 db@janitor F·8 G·2
21:55:33.322417 db@janitor removing table-24
21:55:33.323655 db@janitor removing table-25
21:55:33.324685 db@open done T·29.376674ms
21:55:34.501923 table@compaction L0·1 -> L1·1 S·1MiB Q·71864
21:55:35.810667 table@build created L1@32 N·21585 S·1MiB "\x02\x00\x00..JPG,v66096":"\b\x00\x00..\x00\x00\x05,v21"
21:55:35.812112 version@stat F·[0 3] S·5MiB[0B 5MiB] Sc·[0.00 0.05]
21:55:35.819700 syncDir: sync /media/sharedFolder/Exchange/Syncthing.Ubuntu/index-v0.14.0.db: invalid argument
21:55:35.820826 table@commit error I·0 "sync /media/sharedFolder/Exchange/Syncthing.Ubuntu/index-v0.14.0.db: invalid argument"
21:55:36.825385 table@commit retrying N·1
21:55:36.826683 version@stat F·[0 3] S·5MiB[0B 5MiB] Sc·[0.00 0.05]
21:55:36.924404 syncDir: sync /media/sharedFolder/Exchange/Syncthing.Ubuntu/index-v0.14.0.db: invalid argument
21:55:36.968134 table@commit error I·0 "sync /media/sharedFolder/Exchange/Syncthing.Ubuntu/index-v0.14.0.db: invalid argument"

what can I do to get it running again :frowning_face:

Use the search in the forum. There are plenty of posts covering this.

Hi, that’s not very useful answer

I searched for “invalid argument”, “bad magic number”, table-footer, but got no results covering my issue

what are the search you did to get plenty of post with solutions? Maybe one of it should stick at top of forum, if this error happened quite often.

For my situation I deleted database again and again and again and… After a lot of time it starts working again. Why I don’t know, but at the moment no panic logs anymore

“Corruption” is a good search term, or “panic” in combination with “database”. Your log extract is not the Syncthing log but something database-internal, making it less useful for things to search for.

Short answer: this should never happen and it’s likely you have a hardware problem corrupting the files on disk or in memory.

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