Corrupted database on two different RAID on my NAS. Unlucky ? Ram issue ?

I have installed Syncthing on my Qnap. It started to turn itself off with a corrupted catalog file. I have checked both disks of the raid, full test, and no issue. SMART is ok. I deleted the catalog files, it rebuilt them, and after a couple of days, again, same issue. All the other apps are working fine. I was considering replacing the drives, but which one of the two ?

Then I tried something else, I moved Syncthing to the other RAID of my NAS (I have 2x2 disks). And after a few days, same issue, it’s now off for the same reason. And I didn’t find any error with a full check of both drives.

My Syncthing version is the latest, from the MyQnap repo, 1.26.

So it seems like really bad luck to have errors on both RAID with hard drives that are not new but still WD red drives meant to work for a few years. And is it possible that a disk has an issue but without any alert in any check? (I tried the full test from QNAP app, and of course checked SMART, and even used the free license for DA Drive Analyzer to monitor one of the drive, no issue.

I’m ready to change drives, but I’m not even sure if it’s the real issue here.

Anybody had the same problem ? Could it be instead related to faulty RAM ? I didn’t test that yet.

Any feedback will be welcome ! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to be raid. It could be ram. It also could be abrupt crash/power loss that leads to these.

I had a couple of power loss, but Syncthing is stopping also when there is none (many times already now). So I guess I need to check the RAM immediately. Thanks !

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