Correctly setting up multiple nodes with shared repositories and with versioning


I have been following syncthing for a while and have finally got around to setting it up this weekend. I’m very impressed so far. I’ve read what I can of the docs and the Getting Started Guide and so far things appear to be working but I want to make sure I’m “doing it right.”

I have 4 computers (a mac and three windows machines… a slew of Android devices are TBD :slight_smile: ). I have a Docs repository that I’d like replicated on all machines and I’d like for me and my wife to be able to edit any doc on any computer and have that reflected on the other 3 machines (pretty standard I’m sure).

Is it correct to:

  1. On all 4 machines, create the repository with the 3 other machines selected under “Share With Nodes” or should there be a “master” machine and the other 3 only select that one node to share with but it selects them all?

  2. On all 4 machines should I enable versioning (I’m just wanting simple versioning with 5 levels) or, again, should there be a “master” that does the versioning?

2(a) I notice that the .stversions directory from the Mac has been copied over to the Windows boxes.Should I put the .stversions folder in a .stignore on the Mac? Will it clash if I add another mac or a linux box to the set of nodes?

Thanks Andrew

You can do it either way. It just depends on how you want the data to flow - client->client, or client->server->client.

Versioning is local only and should not be synced between machines as it is now. This

sounds like a bug. Are you sure?

Re .stversions that is actually my mistake. I misread how it functions. I had versioning turned on on the Windows box and the Mac. I made a change on the Mac which sync’d to the PC and that created the .stversions directory. So, it is functioning correctly and is NOT being sync’d between nodes.

Slight follow-up, is there an option to have SyncThing keep versions for changes made to the file on the node? If not, has anyone tested using something like Win 7’s versioning on a directory that SyncThing is monitoring?