Correct backup configuration?

I have a remote server I want to use to backup files from my laptop. There will be no other machines pushing files to this folder. Because I don’t own the remote server I am encrypting the files at rest on the server by declaring it as an untrusted Remote Device from my Laptop.

The Folder Type on the remote device is set to Receive Encrypted, the local Folder Type on my laptop is set to Send Only.

My question is, if my laptop is burned up in an overly dramatic explosion/fire, will I be able to pull files back down from the Remote Server if I have the encryption password from a new device? The Folder Type of Receive Only felt confusing to me but as I understand it, it just means it will not sync any files that are added locally.

Thanks in advance!

Correct; if you add a new device and know the password, it will pull down the files.

Though be sure to verify this yourself before you need it.

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Just the obligatory mention that what you’ve got here isn’t really what people normally consider a backup. Yes, it does protect against natural disasters or theft (e.g. if the whole device’s been stolen), but it’s more like having two disks in a RAID1 configuration with one of them placed in a different location. It is still useful, but it won’t provide any protection against files being mistakenly deleted or encrypted by ransomware.


Thank you! Yes I’m aware of that part. I use Arq for full system backup that is hosted elsewhere. I use Syncthing for backing up frequently updated documents/files as I don’t run a full system backup on a frequent basis.

I mostly wanted to make sure that I understood the Receive Only folder type correctly in the event I need another machine to pull down files from that Remove device.

Thanks for the clarification and help :pray:

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