Contributions Needed

Any and all contributions are welcome. These are just some notes on areas where I know work is necessary and I haven’t gotten there myself. Some are probably larger chunks of work than others. Some have open issues describing the need or bug, others don’t. For those that don’t, it might be a good idea to open an issue on GitHub to announce that you’re working on it and to collect any relevant discussion.

  • Vet the protocol spec. This is the single most important artefact in the project and it’s essential that it makes sense and is unambiguous. More eyes are always welcome.

  • Take a look at the open enhancement issues – grab one and start hacking! While you’re at it, the open bugs are also free for the taking!

  • Head over to Transifex and help translate syncthing into your native language.

What IDE / development environment do you recommend for working with the repository?

There are probably as many opinions on this as there are programmers, as always. :slight_smile: Here are some: Google Groepen

For myself, Sublime Text with GoSublime. Configured to run ./ on Cmd-B it works quite fell for iterative hack-compile-fix cycles.

I’m using the intellij go plugin, I can’t figure out how to debug, do I need a special gdb version? my stock gdb with ubuntu doesn’t seem to see any go debug symbols or show the source.

I found that I have to remove “-w” on the ldflags in

Go’s threading model is entirely alien to gdb, and will get gdb very very confused a lot of the time. Stepping over functions will often do something different from what you expect. I don’t use it myself, preferring old school printf style debugging…

It’s a bit disappointing from the go tooling to be like this. What drove you to write syncthing in go rather than say java or scala?

Did you take a look at I can see how a debugger is nice when exploring a new code base, but when debugging I find it’s usually enough to understand what a given data structure looks like at some point in the code, and besides the bug is probably not happening on my own system anyway but somewhere else out there - hence the STTRACE stuff. :slight_smile:

As for why Go and not Java or Scala, first of all I think Go is a much much nicer language, and Syncthing in Python?.

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Fair enough, certainly goroutines are great. I wish there was something similar in other languages.