Contact but refuses to start

  1. Folder ID:s identical
  2. Device ID:s correct
  3. Device names (my given names on both sides) correct

One clue to the problem is that there comes a connect request on one of the two devices. It has the original device name of the other device - but with another device ID.

Device “carl-Latitude-E5570” (6SKQXCM-IHMC765-O25WAE6-VN5TQWQ-5C4XLY5-QXFQB6J-FXFFQQ5-XGNJGAL at wants to connect. Add new device?

When, in the next dialogue, I try to accept the new device, the OK button cannot be pressed regardless of settings

This looks more like a problem with the Web GUI. What do you use to access it? If it’s just a Web browser, and not some kind of a 3rd party wrapper, then I’d suggest trying a different browser and see what happens there.

I didnt install another browser but I reinstalled Syncthing on the Linux machine. After that the connection invite (on the Windows machine) started working. Now syncing! Thannks tomasz86

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