Constantly deleting created files, restoring deleted files and undoing edits

I run syncthing on 3 nodes (all 0.14.21):

  • My iMac (when working from home)
  • My macbook (when working at a client)
  • My NAS (just for keeping “backup”, but I disabled it the last week).

Only one device will be active at any given time as I’m the sole user.

Lately syncthing insists on deleting files on my active device, even if I recreate the file with an up to date timestamp. A couple minutes later it is deleted again. Even renaming does not help, it insists on it being gone.

Same for a couple files that I’ve edited: It undoes my edits.

I now also have a couple of files which were deleted on my active machine that are consistently being restored from the non-active machine. If I manually delete them they just appear again a couple minutes later.

I’ve never had these issues before, they started about a month or so ago and won’t go away. I’m currently at the point where I’m not sure anymore if I want to keep on using syncthing as I can no longer be sure I haven’t lost work…

Any ideas?

Check the other side. Most likely something else is modifying the files there, resurrecting and deleting thing, or there is some sort of filesystem shenanigans going on where it tells Syncthing a delete succeeded but the file is still, etc.

No it is not… These are source code files. I’m only working on 1 of the 2 nodes at a time. It’s actually source code files that are edited on the active mac that get restored to their previous version. The other node is just idling.

Nevertheless. For what you’re describing to happen, the flow is something like:

  1. Mac: “this file foo was deleted”
  • Other: "ok, deleting foo"
  • Other: "hey, I just discovered a new file foo"
  • Mac: "ok, syncing foo"

Either the delete in step 2 didn’t “take”, or something resurrected the file between steps 2 and 3, or something changed the modtime on foo on “Other”.

Could this be caused by a timezone issue?

I expect filesystems to use UTC but perhaps Mac doesn’t or the system clock is off on one of the machines?

Wild guessing… This just seems odd.

I get that, but what I don’t get is why it only started happening recently (I’ve been using syncthing since 0.11 or something). I haven’t changed anything in my workflow lately.

Perhaps I should throw out the database and set it up again (but that will take a while as I’m syncing about 30GB), might be dragging along too much junk by now.

I doubt that has an effect, it would be odd if it did. Probably something has changed, but it’s hard to say from here what that something is.

Timezones shouldn’t affect this.

Time was my initial idea as well, but both devices have the same timezone & date and time (NTP synced).

I’m using docker (where one of the containers generates compiled JS and CSS files), so I thought that that would mess with the file monitors. However that only explains things partially, as they never touch my source files and those have issues as well.

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